Corporate Account Guide

About Corporate Account

30 day billing

You can opt for a 30 day billing to be invoiced to your credit purchases. You get to pay End of the month.

Credit Distribution

Buy credits for your entire team. Set limits on how many credits a sub account can use using our corporate account tools.

Detailed Reporting

Obtain detailed reports on your sub account activity in your dashboard. Know who has sent how many images and get a job sheet to a downloadable Excel file.

Dedicated Account manager and Dedicated team

Corporate Accounts have dedicated Account Managers assigned to your account and at Deepetch we also assign a specially trained team just for you. Your Account manager will be in constant touch with you or your team members and will be available during your office hours for any communication or followup.

Administrative Rights & Privileges

Sign up as an administrator to monitor account activity, grant or restrict access to features, add unlimited sub-accounts for our team and set sub - account credit limits.