Retain fine details such as hair or fur using one layer to determine the transparency of another with professional Photo masking.

Layer Mask | Alpha Channel Masks | Hair Masking



Our expert designers assess your image and then through the use of various techniques in photoshop, they generate a layer mask or a series of alpha channels based on what you require. Photoshop masking is best used for model images where there is a lot of hair, fur or thread detailing that you would like to retain. Unlike clipping paths, which are vector and hand drawn, photoshop masking isolates pixels which enable more detail to be retained. Photoshop masking is widely used to isolate areas effectively to perform color correction.

We offer standard 24 hour delivery options for our photoshop masking service.

Our photo masking service is perfect for:

  • Model Images with hair detail
  • Product images with fur detail
  • Garments with fine threads
  • Decorative products like pom-pom
  • Sports & Group Photographs
  • Landscape Photographs with Trees and Sky
  • Animal & Husbandry Images
  • Colour Correction
  • Retouchers

Our add-ons for masking service include

  • Shadows & Reflections
  • Retaining Original Shadow
  • Spotting (Removing Blemishes)
  • Removing Fly Away Hair
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Red-eye Correction
  • Removing Product Labels and Logos
  • Removing Mirror Reflections

  • Example based on our $4900 credit bundle
  • Medium
    Cheap Masking Price
    (4 credits)
  • Complex
    Best Masking Price
    (6 credits)
  • Super Complex
    Best Masking Price
    (8 credits)
Example based on credit cost of $0.70 per credit.
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