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As an online store owner you may know very well the importance of beautiful product images for your online business. The best way to achieve compelling product photos is by using a professional photographer to shoot the products using professional equipment in a photography studio. Alternatively you could use your own professional DSLR camera to take product photos once you know the tricks of good product photography. However, your photos are still not ready for your website even after your product shoot. Ecommerce products are mostly placed on a white background in online stores. For Marketplace compliance the images need to have a white or transparent background and need to be resized and aligned to comply with the prescribed image guidelines of the marketplace. Hence you may have to remove the background of your photos and sometimes optimize and enhance these photos for your online store. Most marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay or Google Shopping have set image guidelines.

At, we offer customized photo editing services for your ecommerce store and marketplace. With our Remove Background service you can get back your images with a White background or transparent background. Our Clipping Path and Masking Services are used by professionals to further enhance the images for print or digital.

We can also enhance your photos by creating reflections or shadows that look amazing on websites. With our Ghost Mannequin or Invisible man service, you can showcase your apparel photos photographed on a mannequin without the mannequin or model, thereby focussing all the attention on the product.

Our photo editing services for online retailers include Cropping, Rotating, Straightening, Image Resizing & Renaming apart from those mentioned above.

Our online web application simplifies the process of sending photos and receiving your completed images. We offer turnaround times from 2 hours onwards for our ‘Remove Background’ service.


Clothing & Accessories:

With numerous apparel and accessory based online stores coming up on the internet, competition is very high. Get an edge over your competitors by displaying clear and attractive images on the web. At, we can remove backgrounds, retouch images and enhance photograph quality to make your products look more attractive and appealing. With our unique Invisible man effect, you can take the front and back photographs of the mannequin wearing the apparel and we will remove the mannequin and stitch the images to form a single image which will showcase your apparel perfectly. You could also choose to remove the tags or price labels from your products. If you are an Etsy seller then you could enhance your products with our colour correction services to provide that realistic and appealing feel your product deserves.


Shoes & Footwear:

It is needless to emphasize on the importance of background removal in the case of footwear. Our expert designers will create a hand drawn vector path around your product and remove the unwanted parts and imperfections while etching out gaps in your footwear. Hence when these images are placed on a white background, the customer can focus on the product and its design more clearly. This service succeeds in removing all other distractions and enhancing your products, to ensure that they stand out like never before.


Jewelry & Watches

If you sell jewellery and watches online our expert background removal and color correction services will give your product images the finish it requires. We have experienced designers specialized in jewelry retouch that seek to highlight the finesse of your products. Our experts will also remove imperfections in your product photos to give it the rich and elegant finish it deserves.


Fashion & Handbags

At, we remove the background for thousands of handbags on a daily basis. Our expert designers will straighten and crop your product photographs and add shadows or reflections to ensure that your website looks consistent and perfectly aligned. You could retain the original shadow or you could ask Deepetch to provide a natural shadow, drop shadow or a reflection on your product images.


Electronics & Toys

When you’re selling electronic items or toys online, you would have product photographs taken at multiple angles to showcase the actual details of the product. Our team can help you remove unwanted backgrounds, retouch and color correct images, remove price tags and straighten, crop and resize your product photographs. We recommend hand drawn clipping paths for most electronic items and masking for soft toys where there is a lot of fur detail.

With latest color correction techniques we adjust the imperfections taken during your shoot and enhance your images for that perfect output you dreamed of.


Furniture, Home & Kitchen

After you have taken your Furniture, Home & Kitchen furniture or kitchen equipments, you may notice that your photos need post processing editing such as removing a yellow cast or an unwanted element, or straightening the image or correcting the exposure settings. Our team at Deepetch will help you fix these problems in a matter of minutes. Apart from our background removal service you could ask for a custom color correction service or a retouch service to fix your furniture, home or kitchen photography.


Automotive, Industrial & Auction Products

As a manufacturer and supplier the details of your product are the most important element in determining the purchase decisions of a potential customer. We service automotive industries in the removal of the background of used cars and used motorcycles for auction and online sites. We also edit medical equipment photography and industrial photography. Our designers are well experienced in the color correction of automotive interiors to bring out the best features of your product. Our edits are widely used in several auction websites around the world.


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