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Retouching service

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Our Retouching service

Let our professional team take your images to a new level, from removal of blemishes to complex image composition, can take care of all your retouching needs.

Our fixed pricing and unique online submission process means you can submit your job, sit back and relax while we do all the work!

Our Retouching service price

Retouching Pricing rating & pricing get started!

Our Retouching service includes

  • Ability to process bulk volumes
  • Mark up your images using our online image marking tool
  • We cater for individual and composition retouching

Our basic quick fixes includes:

  • General spotting
  • Overall color
  • Red eye correction
  • Remove blemishes
  • Remove fly away hairs
  • Whiten teeth
Rating & price example

Example based on the 2500 credit bundle

1 Hour Simple (20 Credit) $14.00

Quick fix From 1 credit 70c

3 Hours Medium (55 Credit) $38.50

6 Hour Complex (110 Credit) $77.00

Choose from a list of services...

  1. - General spotting
  2. - Overall color correction
  3. - Remove red eye
  4. - Remove blemishes
  5. - Whiten teeth and also custom quick fix available, if you have a particular quickfix you would like processed on you images let us know! For example, remove tag on all items of clothing.

8 Hours Super Complex (280 Credit) $196.00

Credit bundles I FAQ’s I delivery I testimonials
  1. How credits work
    Purchase credits and spend them whenever you process an image. The credit cost of any image depends on its complexity.
  2. Delivery & turnaround times
    we have various turnaround times. Turnaround times range from 2hrs to 144hrs All other services come with our standard 'Up to' 24 hour turnaround.Click here to find out more.
  3. What is your service level guarantee?
    If we don't return your images in the time you had requested, we will do your job absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, if you are not happy with the image or any particular job, please send these back and we will process the job again until you are satisfied with the quality. This service is at no additional cost to you. We encourage you to send us images you are not happy with, as this assists us in training and development within our production hub.
  4. What hardware and software do I need?
    All you need is a modern web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Firefox). Our site is hosted on our fast, dedicated web servers, you don't have to install a thing
  5. What format will the completed files be?
    We return your images in the format you request. If you have chosen to receive the clipping path only, you will receive the same format you supplied, only with a clipping path. Basically, the same format you have supplied will be returned back to you. The only variation to this is if you have requested a transparent layer, in which case you will receive a .psd or layered .tif. Visit our faq section
Delivery & turnaround times

We have various turnaround times. Turnaround times range from 2hrs to 144hrs All other services come with our standard 'Up to' 24 hour turnaround. Click here to find out more.

I think you will be a lifesaver! Your work is excellent and you all are very kind. - Robin

Finally! something I have always wanted - a quick and easy way to get all my etching done for next to nothing - Dave

We have used you a few times now and you have been prompt and provided us with great customer service when needed on every occasion. Keep up the good work. -Nick

This is a great service!!! It allows me to continue with my large volume of other post processing tasks and creative endeavors on the jobs that I send in. The work is very clean and I could not be more pleased. Turn around has always been faster than stated. -Vic

As always very satisfied with the overall experience. Service, time to complete job, quality is perfect! - Keisha

About us I our workflow I money back guarantee
Here are some key facts about you should know:
  1. We are the leader in the field. We've served over 2000 photographers, studios, advertising agencies and professionals.

  2. We have expansive resources. With over 100 full-time employees staffed around the clock 7 days a week.

  3. We guarantee effective and efficient communication. The Client support and service is key at Our customer service team is based in Australia and guarantee to answer every request, feedback and query within 30mins.

  4. We are ahead of the game.'s research and development department continually works to explore new technologies, methods and techniques to improve your experience with the site.

  5. We work under a non-disclosure agreement.

  6. We offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. guarantees you a refund for the following reasons:
  1. Your order cannot be completed

  2. Your request to cancel the order is received before the order is initialized

  3. You are not satisfied with the result and we have not attended to

  4. your request to correct the issue

  • Step 1:

    — A client posts an order

  • Step 2:

    — The support team responds to the order.

    — The support team makes sure the order has all required information (descriptions, attachments). Support may ask the client to submit additional information, etc.

    — Support passes the order to a production manager.

  • Step 3:

    — The production manager investigates the order and its requirements. This may result in additional questions.

    — The production manager prepares the order and passes it to production.

  • Step 4:

    — Production process the job.

    — After processing is complete, its passed onto the QA-team.

  • Step 5:

    — The QA-team analyzes the job. This may result in fixing requests to the production manager.

    — Once QA-team approves the job it is passed to the client.

  • Step 6:

    — If the client requires corrections, the job is resubmitted (Australian support is brought in to aid any corrections)

How to submit tutorials

Submitting your jobs with deepetch is easy, simply upload, markup, rate and go! Take a look for yourself by viewing this video

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Rating vs quoting

Rating vs quoting

Self rating allows you the flexibility of submitting a job knowing its in the queue about to be worked on, simply send and relax!

We understand that many of you are used to receiving a quote, this is why the option is there. Many customers once receiving their first quote go onto using the rate method.

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Want your very own FTP account?

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