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  • Make $20 - $50 USD per blog if you are an amateur writer.
  • Make $50 USD per blog if you are a professional writer.
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How does it work and how do I get paid?

Send your completed content to our content team, once approved our support team will send your content back (with changes if any). Post the content on your site or blog and send us a link of the approved content. Our support team will check that the content is available for a minimum period of one month; our accounts department will then release the payment to you through your selected payment method.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Avoid copying content from other sites - we are after creative and unique content to promote our services to your site’s visitors.
  • If you are going to use images please use royalty free images, Deepetch will not be liable for any copyright infringements.
  • All the contents need to be approved by our content writing teams before being made live. Each posting needs to incorporate at least three (3) of our services.
  • All contents must contain our contact details and links to our website or services.
Bloggers and Writers Wanted!

Are you an energetic, motivated and innovative individual who has a way with the written word? Well if you are – and you have your own websites, blogs, forums, journals, article directories and are experienced in press releases related to Photoshop and imaging processing or photography industries, you should get in contact with us today!

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Email our Content Team if you have any special requests at content@deepetch.com, or if you would like more information.

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