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Privacy policy

We obtain only specific and individualized data on our website visitors when such information is supplied voluntarily. However, we may, from time to time, gather generic information solely to determine the success and usefulness of our website. This generic information, which does not reveal the identity of the visitor, may include, how much time people spend on various pages of the site, visitors' domain name types (.com, .org, etc.) and the originating web page of the visitor. We use this information to determine customer service needs. In the future, we may increase our technical abilities for gathering data about visitors in order to enhance the services offered to visitors and clients.

This privacy policy will be periodically updated to reflect any such changes to our practices. We will not sell or reveal information obtained about our visitors to anyone outside unless authorized by the visitor. We do not send "junk" e-mail, also known as "spam". In certain instances, when we wish to contact clients via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or transmit information requested by a visitor, we will use e-mail. Any time a client or visitor receives an e-mail which they do not want from us, they can request that we do not send such e-mail.

Security measures are in place for protecting data conveyed during a visitor's purchase. Our employees and subcontractors are required to protect the privacy of such data. We want our visitors and clients to feel that their privacy is protected when accessing their account or purchasing services from us. Because we desire accuracy in the information we obtain and use about our visitors and clients, we will attempt to verify our data and will ask our clients to notify us of any inaccuracies or mistakes of which they may become aware through their online account data.

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