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Frequently asked questions

  1. Will you use my images for commercial purposes?

    • Absolutely not, your images belong to you, we simply etch them and send back to you.
  2. Are my files/images secure with you?

    • Yes. Our infrastructure was designed from the ground up to be highly secure. Your files are stored on state-of-the-art servers, protected by advanced firewalls and housed in our own certified data center.
  3. Do you keep my images on file?

    • Yes, but only for 14 days after the completion of your job
  4. What hardware and software do I need?

    • All you need is a modern web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Firefox). Our site is hosted on our fast, dedicated web servers, you don't have to install a thing!
  5. If I cancel will you refund my unused credits?

    • Unfortunately not. We don't issue refunds for payments that have already been taken.
  6. Will you ever use the email addresses of people I send files to, or enter into my Contacts list?

    • No. Without your full permission, your email details or contacts will not be used by deepetch.
  7. How do I send my images to you?

    • After selecting the service you require and choosing 'add new job' you will be directed to our upload page. Here you can browse your images and choose either a single or multiple files to upload
  8. What file formats can I upload?

    • We accept almost all image formats including jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, tif, gif, eps, psd, eps, dcx and raw. You may also upload .zip or .rar files.
  9. What format will the completed files be?

    • We return your images in the format you request. If you have chosen to receive the clipping path only, you will receive the same format you supplied, only with a clipping path. Basically, the same format you have supplied will be returned back to you. The only variation to this is if you have requested a transparent layer, in which case you will receive a .psd or layered .tif.
  10. How many files can I upload at a single time?

    • You may upload as many files as your internet speed can handle. If you have an excessive amount of files, we recommend you split them up into multiple jobs or you can also use FTP for bulk uploads.
  11. How do I upload about 100+ files easily?

    • You can maks use of the free FTP account we provide you with. You can upload any number of images in FTP and send to us for processing.
  12. What are your turnaround times?

    • Our clipping path service has various turnaround times depending on your requirements. Turnaround times range from 2hrs to 144hrs. By selecting your turnaround time for clipping paths, it guarantees you will receive your images within the specified time frame, however, in most cases you could receive your images anytime prior to the chosen time slot. All other services come with our standard 'Up to' 24 hour turnaround so you will never wait longer than 24 hours to get your job back.
  13. Can I get my images back the same day?

    • Yes, Our quickest turnaround is 2 hrs.
  14. hy should I rate my images?

    • We believe you know your images better than us. If the majority of your images are close to our quality control rating, in most cases we will not bounce your images. Also, by having you rate your images, the submission process is shortened which results in you receiving your job quicker.Please click on our animated gif to view sample images.
  15. How do I know what is Simple, Medium and Complex?

    • We have provided examples on the site as a guide for simple, medium , complex and Super Complex. By using this as a guide you can rate your images accordingly. However, rest assured that if you rate your images incorrectly your job won't be held up, we will notify you of any discrepancies and your job will maintain it's place in the queue.
  16. Why do my images look the same as I submitted?

    • Your images have been processed and they contain a hand drawn clipping path embedded within the image. If you open your image in Photoshop and go to the 'Paths' palette you will see the clipping path. From this you can create a selection or simply import your image into a pagination application such as Indesign or Quark and the path will be recognized and the background dropped.
  17. How do I view the processed clipping path?

    • Open your image in Photoshop and click on the 'Paths' palette.
  18. How do I delete the background?

    • Open your image in Photoshop and click on the 'Paths' palette. You will notice there is a clipping path called 'Path 1'. Clicking on this layer will select the path. Now press (Ctrl + Shift + I ) which will reverse the selection to everything but the selected path. Now press delete.
  19. What is your service level guarantee?

    • If we don't return your images in the time you had requested, we will do your job at a discounted rate or in some cases absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, if you are not happy with the image or any particular job, please send these back and we will process the job again until you are satisfied with the quality. This service is at no additional cost to you. We encourage you to send us images you are not happy with, as this assists us in training and development within our production hub.
  20. How can I download my completed jobs?

    • There are two ways to download your jobs. Upon completion of your jobs you will be notified by email which will include a download link, alternatively, within your account on the photoshopit website there is a 'Completed Jobs' section where you can access your files. From here you can also bounce or resubmit jobs for correction if you are not satisfied.
  21. Can I send digital media such as a CD or DVD with my images instead of uploading?

    • We are sorry we are not providing that privilege of sending DVD's or CD's right now, may be we could do it in the future but we are not providing this facility right now.
  22. What file types can I upload?

    • We accept all image file types. To save time however, we recommend sending jpegs/jpeg compressed, eps's or tiff's. This will speed up the upload transfer, but of course this is entirely up to you, we will process what ever you throw at us!
  23. I'm confused about your rating process, I'm not sure how to rate my images?

    • We have developed our system to enable you to have your jobs processed quicker without waiting for quotes. If you are unsure, simply choose using your best judgement, if incorrect, we will contact you.
  24. I find rating time consuming is there a quicker way as I have a large volume of images?

    • There are two ways to speed up the process. If all your images are of the same rating you can click the 'Select all images as either simple/medium/complex' at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can create three different jobs grouping the various complexities together and use the same 'Select all images...' process.
  25. Can I transfer my images via FTP?

    • Yes you certainly can. Simply register on the website and click the request FTP account button from within your account.
  26. What is the difference between masking and clipping paths?

    • Clipping paths are vector based and are hand drawn using the Photoshop® Pen Tool. Once a clipping path is created it is recognised in pagination applications such as Indesign and QuarkXpress. Alternatively, you can use the clipping path in Photoshop® to create a selection.Masking/alpha channels are pixel based and are created by numerous methods depending on the image. The main advantage of masking is that more detail such as hair or fur is retained which makes it a better solution for human or animal images. The final result can be an alpha channel or a transparent tiff or psd.
  27. What credit package is right for me?

    • Pay as you go - credit bundles range from 10 - 2500, the more credits you buy the cheaper it is.
  28. How long are my credits valid?

    • credits expire one year from the date of purchase. You can check your "My Credits" section within your account for purchase and expiry details.
  29. Can I get a quote for my job?

    • Yes absolutely, If you are new to, unsure how to rate your images or just couldn't be bothered, use our quote option when submitting a job and we'll get back to within 15 minutes with a price!

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