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  1. Will you use my images for commercial purposes?
  2. Are my files/images secure with you?
  3. Do you keep my images on file?
  4. What hardware and software do I need?
  5. If I cancel will you refund my unused credits?
  6. Will you ever use the email addresses of people I send files to, or enter into my Contacts list?
  7. How do I send my images to you?
  8. What is the maximum file size I can upload?
  9. What file formats can I upload?
  10. What format will the completed files be?
  11. How many files can I upload at a single time?
  12. How do I upload about 100+ files easily?
  13. What are your turnaround times?
  14. Can I get my images back the same day?
  15. Why should I rate my images?
  16. How do I know what is Simple, Medium and Complex?
  17. Why do my images look the same as I submitted?
  18. How do I view the processed clipping path?
  19. How do I delete the background?
  20. What is your service level guarantee?
  21. How safe are our images?
  22. How can I download my completed jobs?
  23. Can I send digital media such as a CD or DVD with my images instead of uploading?
  24. What file types can I upload?
  25. I'm confused about your rating process, I'm not sure how to rate my images?
  26. I find rating time consuming is there a quicker way as I have a large volume of images?
  27. Can I transfer my images via FTP?
  28. What is the difference between masking and clipping paths?
  29. What credit package is right for me?
  30. How long are my credits valid??
  31. Can I use a FTP to send you images?
  32. Can I get a quote for my job?
  33. How long are my credits valid?
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