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Delivery instructions and delivery time.

Delivery instructions:

We return your images in the format you request. You can choose from jpeg, eps, ai, psd, tiff, png and gif.
For example if you have chosen to receive clipping path only, you will receive the same format you supplied, only with a clipping path.
Basically, the same format you have supplied will be returned back to you. The only variation to this is if you have requested a transparent layer, in which case you will receive a psd or layered tif.

You can either Login to your account and download your completed job in the job section or you can click on the download link in the job alert email or if you have an ftp account set up with us you can download your images from the completed job folder within your ftp.

Delivery time:

Our clipping path service has various Turnaround times depending on your requirements. turnaround times range from 2 to 168 hours. By selecting your turnaround time for clipping paths, it guarantees you will receive your images within the specified time frame, however, in most cases you could receive your images any time prior to the chosen time slot. All other services come with our standard 'Up to' 24 hour turnaround so you will never wait longer than 24 hours to get your job back.

" I just wanted to let deepetch know how much I appreciate their invaluable service. Since my discovery of deepetch services - my post processing costs have dropped by 75% and productivity and turn around time for my finished product is dramatically faster. I owe this all to one very basic but important change... . THANKS AGAIN "

Gerad Slayton

" Absolutely brilliant. I've been contouring for 15 years and couldn't have done it better and to not have to do it was the best part! Thank you. Friendly customer service, excellent pricing, fantastic turnaround time. Very happy customer! "

Simone Linehan

" These guys are nothing short of magicians! I can get great work that is of a high quality, super fast and at a fraction of the cost of getting in a freelancer. "

Sarah Lang
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