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100%  secure site

“Deepetch uses advanced security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Your details are stored on computer systems with limited access in controlled facilities, and credit card numbers are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when transferred over the internet”

What is a "secure site"?

A site that uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure that your information cannot be stolen by a third party between the sender and the receiver

For more detailed information on secure sites, click on the links below:
What is HTTPS?
What is an SSL certificate?

How can I tell if a web page is secured?

There are two general indications of a secured web page:

1. Check the web page URL

Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters "http". However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with "https" - note the "s" at the end.
Try it! - Visit our home page (http://www.deepetch.com). Note the URL begins with the "http" meaning this page is not secure.

Once you "Log in" and select a payment option now you will notice the change in the URL.

2. It now begins with "https", meaning the user name, password and payment details will be encrypted

2 hour express service

“If you have a deadline or just want your images quickly, then our 2 hour express service is just the right option for you”

We guarantee you will receive your images within 2 hours from submitting your job.

Our other turnaround times include 2, 4, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours.

15 minute  email response

“Our support team is always standing by to answer any questions and provide you with a quote”

Our customer support team endeavor to answer all emails within a 15 minute period to ensure we can get you back on track as soon as possible, whether it’s a quotation or just a general question

24/7  job tracking

“Stay in control of your jobs every step of the way with our real time job tracking”

What is job tracking and how will it help me?

The most frustrating part of outsourcing is loosing control of your jobs and not knowing if your job even arrived? Have they started my job? Is it on track? These are all questions that are import when you have a deadline

Our Job Tracking System answers all these questions in real time, meaning you can log in and check the progress of every image. You can also change the priority of your images and re-schedule them depending on which ones are most important to deliver first.

What details do I see in the Job Tracking System?

  1. Images submitted
  2. Requested delivery time
  3. Image name
  4. Image Complexity
  5. Status (Processing, QC (Quality Control), Completed)

This is a sample of the information you will see in our tracking system:

24 hour  live chat support

“Just want to chat? We’re there when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our live chat facility”

Do you have a question? Answers are only a click away. Our support team will assist you with just about anything, and the best thing is we are always available!

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