Facial photo retouching has become one of the most prominent type image enhancements and they are done for a variety of requirements like models photo shoot or even a regular picture taken in a studio. Everything needs quality photo retouching so that the original look is enhanced further. Though many professional photographers are well equipped with good flash, lights and devices, the post shooting works are always helpful in getting flawless look by all means. Here we would like to explain a quick method of enhancing a photo with facial photo retouching.

Open the photo you would want to work upon and see how the blue channel looks.  You will actually find that the channel is not impressive- this shows that the photo has a lot of color noise that has to be taken care off. Though lots of us are tempted to skip RGB correction, it is important that we will need to do the necessary changes. You will notice a big levee of difference this has made after you make the balance.

Take care of the blue channel by following these simple steps: Reach Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and fix 10 as its radius. Uncheck R and G that you find in the advanced blending mode that you find under the blending options. And you are done fixing the blue channel as your first step towards facial photo retouching.

Next is adjusting the colors, brightness and contrast using curves or levels action by creating a new curve adjustment layer. Then you might have to plunge into the real part of digital makeup by using the healing brush to hide blemishes and freckles.

Select all the skin with the lasso tool. Now you have to select the other parts other than the skin like, eye brows, eyes nostrils and lips. Then you will have to Hit Shift+Command+I and delete those pixels.

Merge all the bottom layers by hitting command+E. Reach High Pass and enter 4 for the radius and you are done!

Real time tip: Always remember that you will take a major risk if you make any changes on them. Always create a backup duplicate layer so that you can experiment or work on it with ease.