Clicking pictures of jewelry is an expertise that will not work without right tools and some basic understanding about the nature of jewelry components. An important aspect that we have to concentrate is the reflective qualities of this subject that can easily show shadows and hard spots in the photographs.

The intricate details, colors and finish of the jewelry have to be projected clearly with all features possibly enhanced. A photographer has to take special care while shooting jewels as these images are seen as tools that bring in sales. An artistic jewelry needs an artistic eye to be captured well. Apart from the photographer’s skill there are many external elements that contribute to the look of the image.

Any image taken for ecommerce purpose has to be in high resolution so that the client can see it clearly. A good picture will always improve sales and online customer satisfaction rate. There are many ways by which we can shoot jewelry with white background so that the image can be used for any purposes like banner ads, catalogues or for product image display. Pictures with white background are normally preferred as it is easy to remove the background and perform clipping path and other image retouching purposes.

One best way to have white background is to have a normal clean surface blanketed by a chart paper or any white material that has soft texture like paper. Another option is to make a small work space with white background and light it sufficiently to avoid any unwanted shadow of the jewelry.

Remember not to expose jewelry to direct light as you will notice unwanted reflections on the image. Experiment with the white balance setting of the camera to make sure that your subject receives good color balance. If your camera has a custom white balance option, let it work for you and notice how it adjusts itself in different light settings.