Layer masks are definitely not intuitive or easy to grasp on the first go but, they seem to be one important component of Photoshop expertise. There are many reasons to point the different features of layer mask that has been helping out photo editing process in many ways. You will have an easy hand over altering text, brush strokes, vectors, or any sort of layer like cake walk.

There is nothing much about this photo editing technique to get confused or is really very hard to apply or comprehend. Learning to integrate Clipping Masks into your photo editing techniques will open a wide range of choices.

If you could understand the working principles of clipping mask, you will be able to handle them more effectively- this can dispel all assumptions around it. Let’ start creating a clipping mask with text on the go to know about the photo editing process.

Let’s see how to get this photo editing technique started: As the first step, create a new layer on top of the text layer and fill it with something of your choice.  Just Right Click this layer on top of the text and go to choose the ‘create clipping mask’ option. The Clipping masks will mask the image of the last layer to the opaque pixels. As you can keep it completely editable, you can use this to fill your text with anything that you wish. While a layer mask can perform the same takes pretty much to the same level, many might not realize the real importance of us in a specific tool to its specific usage.

Just for the sake of understanding we would like to explain the difference: A layer mask is like a grayscale image and it has a part of its layer opaque, as well as the other parts as transparent. These are nothing but the additional channels that conceal information for the attached layer. Photo editing techniques carried out with layer mask and clipping mask has its own difference.